Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

For its 50th anniversary, Fuji Co., Ltd. has revised its “Corporate Philosophy” and “Code of Conduct and Action Guidelines” in order to adapt to the new paradigm.
Our company has built a management base with towel trading as our core business from the start until now.
From now on, we will reshape our presence as a “trading company” and continue to challenge the creation of value and the contribution to society in a wider range of fields. We will continue direct our aim, not only within the current business field, but also in new, unexplored fields.

Management Philosophy

We will aim to be an excellent company through new value creation while respecting the natural environment.

Codes of Conduct


We will create a large organizational force through the accumulation of daily efforts.

Codes of Conduct



We will be sensitive to detect changes in the environment and think and act flexibly.



We will create highly original values and provide them to the society.



We will make commitments and fulfill them properly.



We will aim to act so that everyone related to us can share joy.



We will act energetically and promotionally.

Action Guidelines

As a member of the society

  • We undertake honest business activities globally under the leadership of top management.
  • We respect the culture and history of each country, strive for a management system that values ​​people, practice open and fair information disclosure and communication.
  • We anticipate changes and challenge to create new values. In addition, we aim to create the best quality products by improving the values that we have created.
  • We strive to evaluate our actions and work on inheriting it as experiences in the individual, organization, and society levels.
  • We comply with the law and its spirit and practice ethical behaviors.
  • We work in harmony with the environment and contribute to balancing our economy and ecology.
  • We aim to coexist with local communities and work on activities that can draw sympathy from the society.
  • We comply with the competition laws in every country and strive for sound and fair business activities.

Together with our customers

  • We strive to create new values as a trusted and satisfactory company for our customers.
  • We endeavor to always fulfill our promises after confirming them with our customers.
  • We thoroughly protect the personal information of our customers.

With the employees

  • We value our employees and endeavor to allow individuals to work actively.
  • We strive to develop long-term and stable business growth and work on creating an environment where employees and stakeholders, including their families, can live happily.
  • We build and share the values ​​of mutual trust and mutual responsibility through communication and consultation in good faith with our employees.
  • We provide fair working conditions and opportunities without discrimination so that diverse human resources can work actively.
  • We work to maintain and improve the workplace environment for the safety and ease of work.
  • We understand the importance of independence and collaboration, and strive to nurture talented and kind human resources.

With our suppliers

  • We open our company to domestic and overseas transactions and thoroughly ensure that we are fair in all processes of trading.
  • We respect our suppliers as equal partners, build relationships of trust, and aim for mutual development.

Social and environmental activities

  • Cleaning the area around the company by employees
    To raise awareness on community service and environmental conservation, our employees clean the area around our company every day.
    Social and environmental activities
  • Conservation and reuse of office supplies
    Our company has inherited a culture to “use things carefully” since its founding. All employees are conscious of their daily work, do not waste various resources such as office supplies and business materials, and always reuse those that can be reused.
  • Proactive introduction of energy-saving equipment
    Amid the progress in environmental technology, we will actively use energy-saving equipment for air-conditioning and lighting, and contribute even slightly to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.
    Proactive introduction of energy-saving equipment

Efforts for improving work environment


  • As an initiative to create a comfortable work environment, we invited President Kawachi of MOT Creation, Ltd. to conduct a training on “Creating a Harassment-free Workplace”.
    ■May 6, 2016: For management staff
    ■May 7, 2016: For general employees
    ■July 22, 2016: For non-regular employees
  • Efforts for improving work environment
  • Efforts for improving work environment
  • Efforts for improving work environment


  • This year too, under the guidance of President Kawachi of MOT Creation, Ltd. the following employee training with the goal of “Creating a comfortable work environment and comfortable environment for human resource development” was conducted.
    February 26, 2019
    ■Management training
    ■Career improvement training
  • 2019 Efforts for improving work environment
  • 2019 Efforts for improving work environment
  • 2019 Efforts for improving work environment