News Release

News Release

58th term· 2022

Product Info2022.04.20New products announced in 2022

Company Info2022.02.21Web store Loisiraise to begin sales.

Company Info2022.02.162022 Web Exhibition Information

57th term· 2021

Product Info2021.04.22New products announced for 2021

56th term· 2020

Company Info2021.02.052021 Web Exhibition Information

Product Info2020.05.27New contact-cooling mask product COOL MASK announced

55th term· 2019

Company Info2019.12.252020 Exhibition Information

Company Info2019.04.19Company trip 2019 -Taiwan-

Product Info2019.04.01New product launching in 2019

54th term· 2018

Company Info2019.02.26We conduct employee training as an initiative to create a comfortable environment for human resource development.

Company Info2018.12.25Information on 2019 Exhibition

Company Info2018.12.11We’ve done it! “It pays to know! Intriguing talks about towels” at the “Omotenashi Young Women’s Division Seminar!”

Company Info2018.09.07Company trip 2018 -Shiga-

Product Info2018.07.09Explorer Tokyo Inc. developed “FUJI for TAKEO KIKUCHI Collection” using our company’s towels at “TAKEO KIKUCHI Shibuya Meiji Street Shop”!

Product Info2018.06.26New product launching in 2018

Company Info2018.03.27Improvement of work facilities

53th term· 2017

Company Info2018.02.23We have started our recruitment process for new graduates in 2019.

Product Info2017.12.18Information on 2018 Exhibition

Company Info2017.05.20Company trip 2017 -Tottori-

Product Info2017.04.08Presentation of new products in 2017

52th term· 2016

Product Info2016.12.20Information on 2017 Exhibition

Company Info2016.07.22A training on “Creating a harassment-free workplace ” was conducted.

Company Info2016.05.22Company trip 2016 -Kanazawa-

Company Info2016.04.08We have started our recruitment process for new graduates in 2017.