Fuji Co., Ltd. issues a product catalog each year.
Together with the cover of our past catalogs, we introduce the history of our company and the events in Japan.


We hold an exhibition three times a year.



A blanket product (King of King), priced at 50,000 Yen each, became a hit product.


The bubble economy ended, and the “Lost 20 Years” period started.


Original start by our company’s contract designer.


Koji Takanohana became the youngest Makuuchi that won the Grand Sumo championship at 19 years and 5 months old.

1993(Heisei 5)

A gift catalog for France was planned.


The European Union (EU) was established in Europe. J-League started.

1995(Heisei 7)

Organic cotton towel was released.


A strong earthquake centered in Akashi Strait happened. (→ Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake)

1996(Heisei 8)

Jacquard Towel Muffler became popular.


Mitsubishi Bank and Tokyo Bank merged to become ” Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi” (current Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Tokyo).

1997(Heisei 9)

A separate Gift Collection and Towel Catalog are issued.


Consumption tax increases to 5%.

1998(Heisei 10)

A family gift set, comprising of 100%-silk “Kinukoji” with detergents and foods, becomes popular.


Nagano Olympic Games is held.

1999(Heisei 11)

Gift Catalog and Towel Catalog are integrated into General Catalog.


For the dawn of the following year, the Millennium countdown is held throughout the world.

2000(Heisei 12)

Start of cotton muffler handling.


Sydney Olympic Games is held. Naoko Takahashi wins her first gold medal in female marathon.

2001(Heisei 13)

Start of nursing care product handling.


Universal Studios Japan is opened in Osaka Prefecture.
The Koizumi administration is established. This year is known as the start of “Koizumi boom”.

2002(Heisei 14)

Planning and launching of our original “Thisis” cotton muffler.


Masatoshi Koshiba receives the Nobel Prize in Physics and Koichi Tanaka receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

2003(Heisei 15)

Expansion of the handling of popular custom products.


SARS spreads globally, centered around Asia.

2004(Heisei 16)

Planning and launching of virus killers (SARS and influenza).


Athens Olympic Games is held, Japan wins 16 gold medals.
Athens Paralympic Games is held, Japan wins 17 gold medals.

2005(Heisei 17)

Original custard-colored bath towel “This is” becomes a hit product.


Pro-golfer Ai Miyazato becomes the youngest prize winner ever in history at 20 years and 6 months old.
The population of Japan decreases for the first time after the World Wars.

2006(Heisei 18)

Start of handling of custom product “Photo Print”.


Livedoor President (then), Takafumi Horie, is arrested for alleged violation of the Securities and Exchange Law. (→ livedoor shock)

2007(Heisei 19)

“RESCUE”, a towel for disaster management becomes popular.


Fujiya is found to use expired food materials. Since then, more cover-ups done by food manufacturers are discovered.

2008(Heisei 20)

Expanding the types of popular cotton body towels.


The global financial crisis occurs, triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, an investment bank in the United States of America (Lehman Shock).

2009(Heisei 21)

Expanding the types of popular cotton mufflers.


The formation of Yukio Hatoyama administration, supported by 3 parties: DPJ, SDP, NP. The jury trial system starts.

2010(Heisei 22)

Start of handling of Imabari Towels.
Start of handling of custom products “Ayahime” and “Iroidori”.


Burj Khalifa is opened as the world’s top skyscraper in Dubai.

2011(Heisei 23)

Start of handling Senshu Specialty Towel.


The Great East Japan Earthquake happens.

2012(Heisei 24)

Opening of Design Room at Sales Planning Office


The opening of “Tokyo Sky Tree” as the world’s tallest free-standing tower at the height of 634 m.

2013(Heisei 25)

Office renovation (OA floor introduction), opening of a new conference room and product photography studio, exhibition room renovation.



JR Kyushu starts the operation of a luxury sleeping train, “Seven Stars in Kyushu”

2014(Heisei 26)

Exhibits at the Gift Show. Planning and launching of an original product “LAMPO”.


WHO declares the epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa as a “public health emergency situation of international concern”

2015(Heisei 27)

Launching of a design planning business, cinq.F CO., LTD


The “revised public office election law” to lower the age of voting rights to “18 years old or older” comes into effect.

2016(Heisei 28)

An exhibition with Natural & Comfortable concept is held.


Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016 is held.

2017(Heisei 29)

KURABO and Imabari origin factory jointly develop a special thread (No. 525). Launching of “-sou-“, a product that uses No.525.


Donald Trump is appointed as the 45th president of the USA.

2018(Heisei 30)

Issuance of 2 catalogs.
Launching of an indigo-stained towel, “Denim”.


Pyeongchang Olympic Games is held.

2019 (Heisei 31)

As original products item, we present you five new arrivals

Exhibition 2019

New products based on the concept of functionality and high-quality design

The Japanese Emperor’s abdication, the Crown Prince’s enthronement, and change of Era name.

2020 (Reiwa 2)

Released eco-friendly products, with “Go Green” as the theme

Exhibition2020 GO GREEN

Original products designed with due consideration given to the global environment

Pandemic broke out all over the world.

2021 (Reiwa 3)

New products launched on the themes of infection control and environmental protection.

Exhibition2021 OUTSIDE INSIDE

Masks to be planned on top of functional towels.

Tokyo Olympics to be resumed.

2022 (Reiwa 4)

Introducing new products in a variety of colors under the theme of “diversity.”

Exhibition2022 COLORS

New ethical and hygienic products planned.

The legal age has been lowered from the current 20 to 18.
The Winter Olympic Games were held in Beijing.