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Company Info

2019.12.25 2020 Exhibition Information

2019.04.19 Company trip 2019 -Taiwan-

2019.02.26 We conduct employee training as an initiative to create a comfortable environment for human resource development.

2018.12.25 Information on 2019 Exhibition

2018.12.11 We’ve done it! “It pays to know! Intriguing talks about towels” at the “Omotenashi Young Women’s Division Seminar!”

2018.09.07 Company trip 2018 -Shiga-

2018.03.27 Improvement of work facilities

2018.02.23 We have started our recruitment process for new graduates in 2019.

2017.05.20 Company trip 2017 -Tottori-

2016.07.22 A training on “Creating a harassment-free workplace ” was conducted.